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Home Country Treatment Program

Family support plays a crucial role in our lives

Being close to loved ones when undergoing a significant procedure provides greater peace of mind to patients, which helps in a speedy recovery. Family support plays a crucial role in condition management.

Insurance companies and healthcare payers are increasingly offering the option to seek medical treatment in members’ home countries for various reasons. It can be an added benefit for the members or part of a cost control program. Whatever the need is, we can support you.

Our Program provides your members with the much sought-after option of home-country treatment. Initial assessment by our Access Care case managers will evaluate the necessary treatment and offer advice on the practicality of travelling for treatment. Being surrounded by a familiar landscape and a robust familial support system yields accessible, carefree, and speedy recovery. Family support is a critical component in condition management.

The wide-ranging appeal of seeking medical treatment in the member’s home country is continuously being selected by Insurance companies and self-payers. Whether this is offered as an added-on benefit for the members or part of a cost-control plan, we can support and guide you.

The Program

  • Family support during the treatment

    Perceived family support is critical to a speedy recovery. Recent scientific-based studies registered lower cortisol levels in patients with perceived family support before surgery. Patients without family support recorded higher cortisol levels pre and post-surgery, resulting in a slower and less effective recovery. The impact of family support is becoming a detrimental factor in a fast-paced mental and physical recovery.

  • More straightforward navigation of healthcare access in home country

    Home-country treatment ensures less anxiety for patients. Familiarity and appropriate knowledge of obtaining specific medical guidance, where to go for particular needs, how to commute, and the absence of a language barrier is fundamental to achieving a peaceful state of mind.

  • Post-treatment support provided by family

    Family support is a defining factor in post-care: providing the patient with the required support throughout the day, Ensuring medication is taken on time and reordering medication when necessary, keeping the home tidy, liaising with doctors and family members, and aiding in personal hygiene while in the comfort of the patient’s family.

  • Claims reimbursement management

    The program reduces the likelihood of members travelling independently to seek treatment in their home country, thus eliminating the inconveniences associated with reimbursement claims for both payer and patient. This method reduces paperwork and saves management time while reducing the usual fraudulent practices in substantiating the claims with the ease of verifying the validity of the claims and treatment. The usual rules of performing unnecessary medical procedures, billing insurers for non-rendered or non-existent services, up coding (overcharging) or unbundling (billing each step of the process as an individual procedure), and misrepresenting non-covered treatments will no longer be a worry.


Depending on the type of treatment and the location, the economics vary. One fact remains constant: home country treatment will be more economical than local treatment in GCC. Our process starts with an estimate of the cost, so you will be able to calculate the potential savings. The pooled volume we bring to our providers allows for negotiated lower prices of treatment.

How it Works

We work with a selected network of partners in the areas where we operate to provide access to the best healthcare providers in the home country and partner with a set number of centres of excellence (CoE). Due to their volume of business in those territories, the partners provide special discounts compared to individual referrals.