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Cross Border Healthcare Access

We partner with you to build healthcare plans for an internationally mobile workforce

Our customised solutions for cross-border healthcare access are designed to support and promote healthy business and to empower employees to manage their health & well-being better wherever they are..

Employees require seamless solutions that adapt to sophisticated healthcare needs. We are here to support you in building healthy solutions that meet your needs and provide the best healthcare for your mobile employees and their families.

Our solutions will provide peace of mind

  • Direct billing on flash-the-card access in your home country and other countries means you don’t have to pay for healthcare services and wait for your insurance company to repay you.
  • Av24-7 multilingual service centres.
  • A mobile app access that provides geolocation data and helps you to be in contact with our telemedicine advice and support team.
  • Clinical support and telephone counselling whenever required.